Orchard Bio Inc. (following “our company”) promotes protection of personal information by defining privacy policy as follows, building the structure of private information protection, and making all workers put into practice recognition and the measure of the importance of private information protection.


In order that our company may maintain the visitor’s personal information at the exact and newest state and may prevent unlawful access, the loss, the breakage, the alteration, disclosure, etc. to personal information, required measures, such as thoroughness of maintenance and the employee education of maintenance and the management system of a security system, are taken, safety measures are implemented and severe management of personal information is performed.

The purpose of using personal information

I use for remittance of an E-mail and data the personal information kept for the visitor as a reply to guidance and the question of the connection from our company, or business.

Prohibition of indication and offer to the third party of personal information

From the visitor, our company manages the kept personal information appropriately, and does not disclose personal information for a third party except for the case where it corresponds to either of the following.

1.When there is the visitor’s consent
2.In order to perform service expected of the visitor, when our company indicates to the contractor who entrusts business
3.When to indicate based on statute is required

Safety measures of personal information

Our company has taken the thoroughgoing measure against security for the accuracy of personal information, and safety reservation.

Reference of the person himself/herself

When the visitor is wished in reference, correction, deletion, etc. of the personal information of the person himself/herself, I will correspond, after checking that he is the person himself/herself.

Observance and reexamination of a statute and a norm

Our company improves the contents of this policy suitably, and strives for the improvement while it observes the statute of Japan applied about the personal information to hold, and other norms.


Please tell us the inquiry about handling of the personal information of our company to the following.

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